Friday, February 18, 2005

Why do gulls all face the same direction?

There are many mysteries about bird life; this is just one. Take a hundred thousand gulls, put them on the beach, and step back. What happens? They all turn and face the same direction, usually that of the sun. But why? (A) They're cold (B) They all follow the leader (C) They expect a fish truck to come by at any minute? I'll leave it to the ornithologists to figure that one out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don & Barbara,
Will's guess is that the seagulls are facing into the wind (usually off the water)to facilitate their next liftoff. If you hear from any ornithologists let us know. (Was it exhausting placing a hundred thousand gulls on the beach?)
Enjoyed your comments (forwaarded by Eileen. Ta ta. Pat & Will Savard
P.S.It snowed today in Barrington, RI.

Don DeMaio said...

Thanks, guys. It's good to know that someone is reading these things.